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Development History

The Sports Training and Health Promotion Education Center (referred to as "the Center" hereafter) was established with the goal of enhancing "regional sports development in the Shuilian area" and "rooted health promotion education." It aims to link and implement the national sports policies of the Ministry of Education's Sports Administration, comprehensively improve the physical fitness and water self-rescue and swimming skills of teachers and students, and implement the development and cultivation of sports at the local level (elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools/vocational schools, and universities). With a focus on cultivating talents in local sports affairs, the Center aims to create a blueprint for the development of local sports affairs and sports projects, fully demonstrating the ambition of the university in the international sports arena, enhancing international visibility, and strengthening the capacity to face future employment challenges in sports education.

The problems faced by physical education include various aspects such as education, society, industry, and venues. Therefore, in addition to focusing on the imparting of knowledge related to sports training and health promotion, the Center also aims to cultivate students' abilities to think, identify, and solve problems in a more comprehensive manner. The three strengths of "practical skills," "competitiveness," and "influence" serve as the cornerstone of cultivation, and concrete practices are implemented to achieve an integrated perspective. In addition to utilizing the existing educational resources within the university, the Center also hopes to incorporate more experiential courses on managing school sports teams, operating sports facilities, and planning and organizing sports events into the curriculum. This includes planning related practical courses, certification workshops, and workshops to promote a "learning by doing, doing by learning" approach, gradually nurturing students' physical fitness and developing talents in core sports areas.

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The Center is primarily responsible for promoting "sports training and health promotion" related courses and formulating and implementing sports development policies at the university and in the Shuilian area. The goal of the courses is to cultivate students' physical activity abilities, optimize physical fitness, enhance sports skills, and increase participation in sports. Through physical activity and sports, it can help promote health and improve the quality of life, while connecting with the local sports and leisure industry assets as a foundation to cultivate practical action talents for local sports development. This has a complementary effect on the university's mission to cultivate future social elites and leaders, and to construct the concept of innovative regional development and local talent cultivation in the Shuilian area.

In addition, the university integrates local environmental resources and develops distinctive sports and planning intentions. Undergraduate students are required to take swimming courses and pass a swimming proficiency test during their first year of university. This equips them with swimming and self-rescue skills. Due to its proximity to Sun Moon Lake, mountains, and a spacious campus environment, the university utilizes its excellent geographical advantages. Starting from the second year of undergraduate studies, students at the university can choose to participate in the following courses based on their personal learning needs and preferences, expanding their journey of learning in distinctive sports. The university offers six distinctive sports courses: rowing, archery, international standard dance, golf, tennis, and swimming. These courses incorporate educational implications by integrating the learning models of physical education into each distinctive sport, emphasizing the interrelationship between human senses, perception, cognition, and motor behavior with the surrounding environment. On the other hand, the philosophy of distinctive sports lies in integrating the process of experiencing distinctive sports education into multiple dimensions such as life, environment, teamwork, etiquette, heritage, and self-fulfillment. It aims to cultivate students' thinking and confidence to face the future. This is an important concept and expectation of National Chi Nan University.