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Physical Education

Sports should not only emphasize training athletes but also focus on cultivating the habit of recreational sports among the general public, especially during the aging population and declining birth rates. Health consciousness and lifelong learning are now more valued than ever before. Our center responds to this trend by integrating the wisdom of domestic and international sports scholars and experts, as well as the practical experience of sports professionals. Through the integration of government and private resources, we actively promote various strategies and action plans for the development of sports. We hope that relevant organizations, students, teachers, and various sectors can come together and strive towards the goal of "building a healthy and vibrant community." In the development of sports training and health promotion education center at our university, we not only align with the current national sports development policies but also promote local advantages and distinctive sports projects. In the future, we will pay more attention to the integration of the local community with the sports industry and the employability of graduates. We will provide academic counseling, employment support, and incentive measures to students. In the initial stage of student development, we aim to provide a comprehensive guidance mechanism to ensure their balanced development in training and learning. We also aim to diversify career guidance for athletes and focus on nurturing professionals in sports coaching, sports injury prevention, sports administration, fitness instruction, sports and leisure instruction, physical fitness instruction for children and senior citizens, sports facility management, and event operation management talents. Our goal is to cultivate talents with distinctive skills and meet the market demand in the sports industry.